How much do you invest in yourself to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry? This year I’ve decided to put aside a small budget and time to go to a few of the best industry conference, to learn and meet new people.

Even though I made only to the last day of #SocialDay18, I’ve learnt loads (and met many amazing human beings)!

To remind myself (and to share some of the learnings with you), I’ve decided to put together a quick summary. Rather than writing an in-depth blog post, I’ve pulled together a random collection of thoughts, notes and tweets.

Hope you’ll find some value in there (I learnt a lot just pulling these bits together).

Instagram is all about the Stories!

I’ve missed the talk about Instagram from Ian Edwards from Facebook, but I pulled a few really cool stats from Twitter:

Also remember, that on Instagram context is king!

Compel people to engage with your content

On the last day of #SocialDay18, the first speaker was Jana Hisham from JungleCreations showing us hot they generate 5.5 billion video views every month.

Engagement is more than an action, it’s a reaction! You need to compel people to engage with your content. You can achieve it by being the connection between them and the people in their lives! Facilitate a conversation that starts with your content.

Focus on Creating Meaningful Interactions – don’t rely on algorithms and don’t try to ‘hack’ the system, be creative and produce outstanding content for real people! If your content is engaging and relevant, then audiences will see it.

There isn’t one set format that works on every platform, make sure that your format suits your chosen platform and its audience!

No matter the format, make your content digestible and don’t go overboard with branding. Make it look natural and fit the platform.

Is Twitter dead?

I was really excited about Bruce Daisley’s talk about Twitter. Twitter has always been my favourite social media network, but recently I’ve been struggling to get results from it and see its future. I’m glad that Bruce gave me some new inspiration for this platform!

Have you ever stopped to think ‘Why are people using Twitter?’

The no1 reason people come to Twitter is to discover something new and interesting. In its heart, Twitter is a news app, regardless of subject. Another reason why people come to Twitter is to discuss their passions. Good to keep these facts in mind!

Why should your business be on Twitter? Remember that people come to Twitter to discover something new! Make sure that you’re sharing interesting, engaging and newsworthy content!

The discovery mindset means that people on Twitter are:
-> More attentive
-> More responsive
-> More trusting

That makes sense and also explains Bruce’s answer to the burning question on minds of all Twitter users “When will we ever get an edit button?”

“The challenge is with an influential on a topic that is important, like politics, should they have the chance to edit their view? We don’t think so.”

Twitter is not launching the edit button anytime soon. It comes back to being a trustworthy and a reliable news source. Now I understand why we don’t have the edit button and completely support Twitter’s decision (no matter how frustrating it might be in practice at times).

How not to suck at video marketing?

We all know that video rocks, but did you know that Video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021?

Engaging from the moment he entered the stage, Chris Kubby’s talk was filled with knowledge bombs and amazing tips!

What are the characteristics of a great video?

There are 4+ ABLES that define a great video:

-> Searchable
-> Clickable
-> Enjoyable
-> Shareable
+ Valuable

How to create videos that have all these ‘ables’?

Capture people’s attention with bold text, strong colours and You have to stop the scroll and keep them engaged!

Cut long video content into smaller parts. You’ll have more content and it will keep people engaged.

Be bold, be clever with using text (captions, thumbnails, at the bottom/top of video), play with colours and don’t forget that first 3 seconds matter!

The best point from Chris Kubby’s talk: our attention spans are low for shitty content! Attention spans are low when people consume bad content… you need to create great, sticky content!

Take Netflix for example – people are binge-watching TV Shows for whole days. Or Twitch TV where people are watching other people play video games – for hours!

If the content is great, engaging, relevant, valuable, people are able to watch long videos, but bad content can bore us in 5 seconds!

Quality rarely matters!

What defines a good video? Is it quality? What is quality? Until you press the button & publish, you won’t know!

Timely videos are perfect for social – shoot today – publish today – be real. It doesn’t matter if the quality of the video is lower, people want to see authentic and real content on social.

Are you using GIFs? Did you know that GIPGY has 300 million daily users and people share 1 billion GIFs a day! How about creating your own GIFs like Andrew and Pete?

A few more snippets from Chris Kubby’s talk:

This about vertical video – hell yeah, I’ve been preaching this for ages!

Be like Hollywood – find out what works and do it again (and again). Stop always jumping to the next thing! And don’t forget that all business is show business!

You need to keep up with latest trends & keep trying new things (like vertical video & recommended video ads), but once you discover what works – focus on doing that!

How to build a powerful community online in your niche

Lee Wilcox of On The Tools shared his learning from building a powerful community online around a niche.

“It’s important to have an expert on board within the niche you’re creating content in” Lee Wilcox @onthetoolstv

Know your audience and create content for that audience – make your content relatable!

The best performing content is when people don’t realise they are consuming created content that is part of a campaign.

Is the content relatable to your audience and niche? Is it also shareable to a wider audience? That’s the sweet spot!

Make your content shareable! People only share content when they believe that they can get something out of it (aka likes, comments)!

You can’t have the same strategy for different social channels.

Final thoughts on creating engaging content that’ll help you build a strong community:

-> If you build it they will come – what a load of sh**
-> Know the niche – have someone from the industry involved
-> Explore every option
-> Change with the platforms

What can we learn about social media from McDonald’s?

McDonald’s aim is to ‘Make sure that every single social media interaction is leaving people a little bit happier.’

William Bonaddio explained how their team focuses on creating positive interactions with McDonald online.

Make sure that you’re monitoring all brand mentions  – even those that don’t tag you directly (don’t use @ mention of your handle). Over 90% of all brand mentions aren’t tagged!

97% of mentions of your brand are not on your actual social channel. How many of us are actually measuring this metric? We need to be aware of what people are talking about so you can reflect that in your own content

Support your content with paid ads, test the results and move the budget to the best performing post.

McDonald’s jumps on new features on platforms and makes them work for them – have a fun and play around with new tools that are introduced to you.

Top tip: Less promotional content, more branded and entertaining content.

You can learn from McDonald’s by creating content that falls into these 4 pillars:

How to use LinkedIn to build your personal brand

‘People won’t remember what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel’ Maya Angelou

Really interesting session about personal branding from Authentic Alex…

Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window. Make sure it’s up-to-date and that it inspires an emotion! Stand out from the crowd and invoke an emotion.

The 4 rules for success on LinkedIn…
> Be Real
> Be Relatable
> Be Relevant
> Be Recognisable

You’ll get the best results from LinkedIn when you do something that no one else is doing! Be different, be real and be relatable.

What is the secret sauce to creating a strong personal brand?

-> Creating a personal brand is about networking online and offline
-> Be proactive – reach out to people and start conversations with them
-> Don’t forget to give back, be persistent and have fun with it
-> Consistency continuously increases your visibility
-> Video creates a different element to what you offer. It’s more relatable
-> Find your unique spin
-> Show, don’t tell and document your journey

Focus on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Pages just don’t work!

Stay away from THE DANGER ZONE

The last talk of the day was from Andrew and Pete and they showed us how to use creativity to stand out from the copycats.

There are two ways to stand out from the crowd with your content:

> Be better
> Be different

What flavour crisps is your brand? Don’t be Ready Salted, Be Marmite flavour. Be different, be distinctive!

We need to be producing content that gets us below the line (of content production vs consumption) to avoid the danger zone! We need to STAND OUT!

Creativity framework
> Brand values
> Outcomes
> Unknown variables

Don’t follow your competitors or industry leaders, you’ll alway be one step behind. Learn from the best of the best, outside of your industry and apply their tactics to your brand!

And that is a wrap! Hope you found this #SocialDay18 summary helpful!

What was the no 1 fact or tip that really stand out for you? Let me know in comments or tweet me at @lenkakopp.

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